Thursday, December 09, 2010

2 job openings at green peace japan!

Both of these jobs are for Native Japanese speakers with English fluency.

Communications Director
Purpose of the job:
To plan and implement effective and integrated communications strategies for Greenpeace Japan in delivering its campaign and organization/fundraising objectives. The Communications Director is a key Senior Management position in Greenpeace Japan.

Expected achievements:
・ Develop good and positive relationships with Japanese and international press, reporters and journalists to create
understanding of Greenpeace Japan’s campaigns, identity and global reach.
・ Raise profile of Greenpeace Japan to become the most effective, credible, attractive environmental NGO in the Japanese society
and beyond
・ Assist campaign successes through effective campaign communications.
・Maintain level of current supporters.

Indicators to measure successes:
・ Brand profile: recognition, likeability
・ Coverage, no. of quotes (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, web)
・ Web: traffic: no. of visitors, page views
・ Participation: no. of cyber-activists, no. of participations in cyber-actions
・ Achievements of campaign and organization goals
・ Timely and effective supporter communications including newsletters, email
magazines, and annual reports.
・ Increase of supporters and donors.

Main responsibilities:
(a) Organizational communications strategy: Develop and implement Greenpeace Japan’s organizational communications strategy
in order to raise awareness, credibility, and likeability of Greenpeace Japan. Organizational communications include fundraising
(b) Campaign communications strategies: Together with relevant
colleagues, develop and implement communications objectives and strategies for their issues. Provide communications input
into planning and evaluation.
(a) Have sign-off and quality control responsibility for all public & media communications materials of Greenpeace Japan, including
campaign and fundraising materials for its effectiveness, quality, and consistency.
(b) Policies & Guidelines: Develop communications policies, guidelines, and processes and ensure that those are observed.
(c) Skills improvement: Raise communications skill of Greenpeace Japan’s staff by providing appropriate information and trainings.
(d) Outsourcing management: Develop and maintain relationships with external agencies and accumulate know-how for
outsourcing communications projects.
(a) Play a pivotal and integral role in integrating Greenpeace Japan’s communications on- and offline supporters and volunteers in
order to achieve both campaign and organizational/fundraising objectives.
(b) Ensure that Greenpeace Japan’s communications through different medium are integrated.
(c) Be the key contact for other Greenpeace offices on communications issues.
(a) Stay abreast of social, cultural, media trends internationally and domestically, and ensure management of media list.
(b) Web: Understand the essence of web communications and be responsible for utilizing web for mass networking.
(c) On call: Be available 24hrs/7days to respond to urgent matters.
(a) Provide leadership and strategic direction for Communications team within the Program Department.
(b) Facilitate and empower the work of the staff members, and build a strong team.
(c) Budget: Plan and manage the budget of Communications Dept.
(d) Asset: Ensure management and responsibility for image and video libraries and AV equipments
As a member of Senior Management Team, help Executive/Program Director make strategic decisions by providing inputs, submitting information and reports.
Any other duties and responsibilities appropriate to the post as delegated by the Executive/Program Director.

Required qualification, skills, knowledge, experience:
・ Higher education qualification, preferably in communications
・ Bilingual with TOEIC 850 or above
・ Strong project management and facilitation skills
・ Strong writing skill (Japanese)
・ Strong literacy in computer, web, AV technology
・ Ability to think strategically and creatively
・ Ability to act as Greenpeace Japan’s spokesperson as required
・ Minimum 5 years of experience in journalism, or as an editor, or in the fields of media relations or communications, along with
proven experience across most media forms at a national or international level.
・ Minimum 5 years of experience in corporate or NPO/NGO sector on managerial or management-related position
・ Passion to bring about “greener and more peaceful” future in socially advocative ways if necessary.
・ Ability to travel when required.

Organizational Director

Purpose of the job:
To manage the Organizational Department and be responsible for all Finance, Human Resources, IT and Supporter services functions. To develop facilities and services for the Greenpeace Japan office in line with agreed internal task lists, in order to ensure ongoing improvements in the efficient day-to-day running of the Greenpeace Japan office.

This is a key senior management position within Greenpeace Japan and is part of the Senior Management Team reporting directly to the Executive/ Program Director. The Senior Management Team has the responsibility for the strategic direction of Greenpeace Japan and the effective running of their respective departments.

The Organizational Director works alongside the Communications Director and the Executive/Program Director. They are all required to maintain effective relationships with senior influencers and decision makers internally and externally as appropriate.

This position demands high-level management skills and the extensive experience necessary in order to develop and implement strong, prioritized and focused work plans that achieve the agreed organizational goals.

Main responsibilities:

1. Management of the Organizational Department
(a) Lead, motivate and manage Department staff in line with the organisational aims and objectives in order to ensure the
effective performance of the dept and ensure staff development and performance reviews take place.
(b) Develop, monitor and authorise expenditure of the Organizational Dept budget, according to agreed objectives and priorities of
the dept, to ensure cost effectiveness and strategic expenditure.
(c) Responsibility for the compiling the monthly report and attending meetings in regards to Finance, HR, IT and Supporter Services
for the GP Japan Board is required.
2. Finance
(a) Internal Financial Reporting: Responsible for the production of a monthly Financial Management Report, incorporating detailed
analysis and commentary for the SMT and GPJ Board.
(b) GPI Financial Reporting
• Ensure the timely production of international expenditure reports (intcamp) and the reconciliation of the interoffice balance
between GPI and GPJ on a monthly basis.
• Ensure the timely production of the quarterly report and responsible for the preparation of the summary comments as required
by the GPI quarterly report.
(c) External Financial Reporting: Ensure that the Year-End process (reporting and Audit) is completed in a timely way. Present the
Year-End Financial Statements to the SMT and Board.
(d) Budget Process
• Coordinate the annual budget and forecasting process and review all departmental budgets in detail.
• Present the Annual Budget and ODP (three-year plan) to the SMT and Board in collaboration with Executive and Program Director. Advise on financial management and strategy to the SMT and the Board.
(e) Financial Compliance: Ensure full compliance with all statutory regulations in mainland Japan. To include all audit, legal and tax
requirements as well as ensuring that proper and accurate records are kept as required by Japanese regulations.
(f) Greenpeace Policies and Procedures
• Review and maintain a ‘Procedure Manual’ outlining all financial processes and controls. Ensure full compliance with all GP
internal policies and review internal controls on a regular basis to ensure the security of all Greenpeace assets.
• Review, develop and enforce Greenpeace policies consistent with the moral and ethical principles of the organisation.
Recommend changes to systems and controls wherever required.
3. IT
(a) IT Support Systems: Ensure that all IT support systems are in place and supported effectively by the IT
(b) IT Development: Ensure the effective development of the IT team in line with internal and external organisational requirements
and the aims of Greenpeace Japan and Greenpeace International.
4. Human Resources
(a) Internal HR Compliance: Responsible for ensuring that all internal HR processes as required are in place and adhered to by all
(b) Ensure Greenpeace Japan personnel policy and manual is updated and clear to all
(c) Ensure annual Performance Review and appraisal process is in place and consistently implemented and applied across
Greenpeace Japan.
(d) Recruitment: Monitor and execute recruitment and develop recruitment strategy and processes within Greenpeace Japan in
order to enable Greenpeace Japan to recruit suitable employees.
(e) Payroll
• Ensuring the efficient coordination of the monthly payroll process between Greenpeace Japan and the outsourced Payroll
• Responsible for all salary payments and full review of working hours and overtime payments made – to be reported on a monthly
basis to the SMT.
(f) External HR Compliance: Ensure all necessary payments are made and all required records are maintained as required by local
labour laws. Ensure the confidentiality of all staff information at all
5. Supporter Services
(a) Ensuring the maintenance and proper use of the supporter database and the collection of income from supporters. Managing
the following tasks of the supporter services staff member:
・Monthly financial data processing in order to ensure the income of Greenpeace Japan.
・Ensuring information on supporters is secure and maintaining an up-to-database at all times
・Providing relevant reporting from the database as required in order to understand key supporter and income trends
・Developing database and reporting in order to closely monitor and improve understanding of trends

Requirements for the job
• Fully qualified Accountant
• Minimum of five years experience in the corporate or NPO sector at a managerial level
• Bilingual
• Good understanding of organizational systems and development
• Excellent communication and management skills
• Experience of working in an international organization preferred
• Experience of HR and IT systems preferred
• A strong desire to work for an environmental NPO
• Available for travel if required.
Please send CV and work experience in Japanese and English to GPJ.

Party to activate people in 2011: Dec 13 Networking event


Monday Dec 13 7:00-9:00pm
Party to activate people in 2011

Meet  people from different organizations, and share information about  getting involved in nonprofit NGO projects, activities and events.
Cost: ¥3200
Includes 2 drinks and appetizers. (cash bar open.)
Venue: Kimono Wine Bar (03-6438-1685)
Platinum Ct. 1F, Minami Aoyama 1-15-28
RSVP  to guarantee your spot. Space is limited! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Global Festa group tour


Some people are hesitant to go to the Global Festa because they do not know anyone ... join me and some friends ... right now we have 2 ideas for when to go

I work in the middle of the day so before or after my class join me for a Global Festa group tour:
Saturday October 2 10-12noon or 4-5pm (to be decided by Sept 26 based on people's responses)

Option A Saturday October 2 from 10 to 12noon
Meeting time: 9:50
Meeting location: Hibiya Station (Hibiya Line) Exit A 14

Option B Saturday October 2 from 4 to 5pm
Meeting time: 3:50pm
Meeting location: Uchisaiwaicho station (Mita line) Exit A7
we can chat afterward over coffee or a beer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Career Strategy Seminar for women in Tokyo

Morning Icebreaker: Finding the Flow
by Deanne Tonkin of Hooplovers

Keynote Speaker: Yukiko Ogasawara, President of Japan Times

Empowerment? What does that mean? How do you achieve what we think we want? Do we know what we want? Question like these are guiding posts for the way we come through life. I will share some of my ideas and values that get me through the day and share with you my unconventional journey from Tokyo to Tokyo, via California.

Morning Workshop Theme: EXPLORATION

Finding Your Anthem by Anne Good
Identify your true talents, motives, values and attitudes towards your career which will lead to a more stable and directed work and personal life.

Rockin’ Your Soul by Anna Kunnecke
The body is the window to the soul. Learn to tune into it for an intuitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’—and find out what to do when everything on your To-Do List is a ‘no’! Connect with your deepest desires while getting rockin’ practical tools to deftly handle your life as it is right now.

Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who? By Kristin Newton
As the WHO would say, “So, tell me who are you?” Find out through creative observation and get beyond what you think you see. Talk about empowering!

Afternoon Workshops: Session One

Customize, Optimize, Highlight - Resume Workshop by Eriko Talley
Learn how to write a winning resume that will separate you from the others. Includes: basic components, tips and strategies, how to highlight your skills effectively, avoid common pitfalls, optimize your online resume and protect your privacy and security.

Excel in Your Next Interview by Carolyn Gaskins
Develop an understanding of the types of questions interviewers may ask and practice to present your experience and capabilities in the most effective way. Using specific examples of past action and behaviors, you can build confidence to handle even the toughest questions.

Setting Your Agenda & Achieving Your Goals by Amanda Cennon
How do you get from here to there? And what if you don’t know where “there” is yet? This interactive one-hour workshop looks at two parts of the goal-setting process: first, how to remove internal blocks that hold you back, and second, how to create a strategy that keeps you moving towards your goals. By the end of the session, you’ll have a few practical tools you can use to get started on achieving those big dreams.

Let Your Inner Rockstar Out – Getting Past Your Comfort Zone by Julia Maeda
This workshop will help you identify where you comfort zone ends and what
keeps you inside it. You will learn ways to realise your potential by
moving outside your zone.

Managing Your On-line Identity by Terri MacMillan
With all the incredible tools out there, what are the newest and best for creating and maintaining your On-Line Identity in this on-line world? Find out

Afternoon Workshops: Session Two

Creating Your Brand – Introduce Yourself To Anyone, Anywhere by Anne Good
This workshop will help you to create your own brand, which you can then use to confidently introduce yourself to anyone, anywhere.

Making Community Connections That Fit by Sarajean Rossito
In this workshop you will: assess the possibilities, find a match and jump into community service. Whether you only have a few days a year or want to be actively involved on a regular basis, anyone can get involved in local organizations. It not only makes you feel good but is also a valuable way to broaden your connections, share your skills or learn new skills that can ultimately enhance your career.

Succeeding in the Japanese Workplace by Katie Decker & Renee Kida
Straight talk about what it’s like to work for a Japanese company: debunking the myths and telling it like it really is, and teaching you how to get the most out of your experience.

Going It On Your Own-Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion
by Lauren Shannon & Lizzie Murray
What do you need to look at if you are thinking of starting and running your own business.

Panel Discussion Theme: CREATING YOUR BEST LIFE

• Julia Maeda-Family, Work, Community Service Balance
• Renee Kida-Getting an MBA & carving your niche in the workplace
• Kristi Hemmer-Incorporating ideas from the “4 Hour Work Week” and creating planned sabbaticals
• Susie Rucker- Nutritionist-Leading your best life starts with what you put in your body
• Ai Uchida-Entreprenuer & current NHK broadcaster - Paying attention to what you love to do may take you on an unexpected career path

Raffle Prizes & Wine Tasting Social Hour

Click here to Register

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nonprofit NGO work opportunities in Japan

Field Coordinator Position in Japan

With the support of the US-Japan Foundation, we are excited about expanding our ArtLink exchange program to include twelve full partnerships between American and Japanese classes in the 2010-11 school year.

We are looking to bring on board a bilingual field coordinator in Japan to help support this program. While we are non-profit organization, we can offer the exchange coordinator a stipend of $1200 ($100 per class) to:

o help recruit the 12 classes in Japan
o help translate in the teacher training session we will run in May
o make sure all teachers receive and understand the guideline materials
o in September and October, keep in touch with the Japanese art teachers to make sure they will be able to meet the deadline.
o help with translating the artist description sheets into English or Japanese
o in November, coordinate the shipping of the 12 art packets to Creative Connections
o in February, making sure all classes receive art from their partners and send feedback to their partners.
o Help with any classes wishing to create and post email, photo or video responses or who wish to participate in a videoconference.
o Help teachers complete an end-of-program evaluation

Creative Connections’ Artlink Program

This unique program is designed for art and social studies classes around the world. Students create art projects designed to reflect their life and culture and exchange their work with a partner class in a different country. The students then examine and enjoy the art from their partners, gaining new insights into their culture and then share these insights with their partners.

Details of the US-Japan ArtLink Program

• Number of partnerships: 12 (between 12 Japanese classes and 12 US classes)
• Age Range:
• 5 Elementary School Classes (8-10 year old students)
• 5 Middle School classes (11-13 year old students)
• 2 High School Classes (14-18 year old students)
• Written support materials, including guidelines and introductory workshop, will be fully translated into Japanese.
• Teachers in Japan and the US will be recruited by 1 May, 2010
• Teacher training (via videoconference or Skype) will be conducted in May, 2010
• The ArtLink exchange will begin in September, 2010. All art and artist descriptions must be shipped to Creative Connections by 5 November.
• Partner art will be shipped to classes by 1 Feb. 2011
• Partners send feedback and dialogue with one another from 15 Feb. – 1 Mar, 2011

Please contact Alan Steckler of Creative Connections, by 1 April if you might be interested in filling this position or if you have any questions. Please also visit our website at to learn more about the ArtLink program and our organization.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Nonprofit NGO work opportunities in Japan

WANTED: JAPAN Youth Venture Director

Ashoka ( is the world’s largest association of social entrepreneurs — men and women who are creating new institutions and system-changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Since 1980, Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, electing and connecting more than 2,000 individuals with system-changing ideas in over 70 countries.

Ashoka’s Youth Initiative has harnessed the innovations and efforts of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs in the field of youth development to create the Youth Venture program that is building a movement of young social entrepreneurs. (See Ashoka believes that young people globally are key to Ashoka’s overall vision of developing a productive, innovative and engaged civil society. By investing in and building a movement of young social “Venturers” around the world, Ashoka aims to change fundamentally the role of young people in society and to foster in young people the motivation, skills and opportunities to become leaders and social change makers.

• Spread and adaptation of Ashoka’s Youth Venture program within Japan
• Program management, including operationalizing, budgeting, monitoring and evaluating the youth social entrepreneurship program
• Development and ongoing relationship management of corporate and social sector partners
• Capacity building of partner organizations’ program coordinators/facilitators
• Fundraising and strategic planning for program sustainability
• Marketing and market research

• Believe strongly in the ability of youth to lead social change
• Be entrepreneurial, creative, self-motivated and a problem solver
• Fluency in English required
• Have 5-10 years of relevant experience, especially as a leader
• A strong track record of innovation and systems-building regardless of previous employment
• Have experience in creating system change with youth
• Have strong conceptual and analytical skills
• Have strong project management and problem solving skills
• Have strong interpersonal, relationship building, and facilitation skills
• Have strong written and verbal communication skills
• Be collegial and comfortable with working in teams
• Capacity to effectively communicate with - and engage - various stakeholders from all sectors
• Have strong ethical fiber

• Entrepreneurial: Has started up and sustained creative, system-changing initiatives in their school, college, workplace, and/or has successfully pioneered a venture of his/her own
• Collegial: Strong intellectual capabilities to understand sophisticated concepts easily, see how they fit together in new ways, and able to inspire as well as learn from colleagues
• Innovator for the Public: Has a genuine, proven commitment to creating social impact through innovation in the social sector
• Ethical Fiber: Is a trustworthy leader, confidant and friend.
• Bold self-image: Has self-perception and confidence that allows for the envisioning and implementation of large-scale, systemic innovation

Position available immediately. Please send a resume, cover letter addressing the above hiring criteria to Catherine Boran at . Include “Japan Representative” in the subject line. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

For more information, visit us:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Be social. Be involved!

Join our Feb 28 fundraising party at Fujimamas:

You can help Palestinian kids get a good meal!
300,000yen can provide 1000 meals!

You can help women and children in rural Cambodia get basic health care!

Share this flier and get more details at:
Skylines - fundraising and networking party

Organized by People for Social Change